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ITRS 2009 Edition

Executive Summary
System Drivers
Test & Test Equipment
Process Integration, Devices & Structures
RF and A/MS Technologies for Wireless Communications
Emerging Research Devices
Emerging Research Materials
Front End Processes
Factory Integration
Assembly & Packaging
Environment, Safety & Health
Yield Enhancement
Modeling & Simulation

2009 ERRATA-Executive Summary, list of corrections

2009 ITRS Table Files Links

ORTC Tables Overall Technology Roadmap Characters.  (Key Roadmap Drivers)
FOCUS A Tables Test & Test Equipment    |    RF and AMS for Wireless
FOCUS B Tables Emerging Research Devices (ERD)    |    Emerging Research Materials (ERM)
FOCUS C Tables Front-end Processes (FEP)      |     Process Integration, Devices, & Structures (PIDS)
FOCUS D Tables Lithography      |      Factory Integration
FOCUS E Tables Interconnect      |      Assembly and Packaging
FOCUS F Tables System Drivers | Design
CROSS CUT A Tables Environment, Safety, & Health (ESH)    |      
Metrology    |    Modeling & Simulation
CROSS CUT B Tables Yield Enhancement 


The ITRS is devised and intended for technology assessment only and is without regard
to any commercial considerations pertaining to individual products or equipment.